Devi Singh, who hails from Rajasthan, has from a very young age been interested in the Hospitality Industry. His father too is in the same industry and from childhood Devi Singh loved to experiment with cooking. From a very young age he worked many different jobs. He’s worked as an office boy, a delivery person. He’s waited on tables and worked in tiffin services. However, he always felt that there was something missing.

It was while working in a shack in Goa that he was asked to mix drinks for some guests. His creations were appreciated by many of the guests who said that they were simply ‘awesome’ and it was then that Devi Singh found his calling – Bartending.

Though he has no formal degree in the trade, he loves every aspect of it. Interacting directly with guests and understanding their tastes and preferences encourages him to experiment with new concoctions and various flavours. According to him, balance is the key…the balance between sweet, sour, salt and bitter. Understanding flavour combinations is another very important factor and last but not the least is understanding the palate of the customer. And this is why he spends a lot of time talking to his customers so he can truly customise their drinks. His motto as a bar tender is give guests an awesome experience not only by making them awesome drinks but also by interacting with them so they never get bored and keep coming back for more.

As far as experimenting with new cocktails goes, he feels that Indians are not very adventurous. We tend to copy the cocktails of the west with maybe a slight twist. He says, India is a huge country with a massive culture catering to various tastes. Our spices are among the most varied in the world and we should take advantage of this. While experimenting with new cocktails he goes back to the tastes, smells and flavours of his childhood and tries to incorporate these in his creations.
Mr. Devi Singh doesn’t let lack of formal training hold him back. He is very active on social media and uses the medium to take his creations to the world at large as well as to keep himself updated on latest trends in his profession.

In terms of challenges, he feels that bartending is yet to come of age in India. Investors need to understand that bartending is more than just pouring a drink. A little extra shot or a mixing gimmick is part of the aura to enthral a customer, an investment that will payoff in the long run. In terms of equipment to we are lagging far behind countries like japan, Taiwan etc. But he also says that while equipment is important, it is not as important as passion. If one has the passion one can make awesome concoctions despite the lack of equipment.

He has two main goals in life. One is to win the International Gold Trophy in bartending for his country. The other is to give his father, who has led a very tough life, all the creature comforts that he can afford.

His message to management – keep your staff happy. Happy staff equals happy guests.
His message to his readers – life is full of ups and downs. Try to keep the balance. Dreams big, follow your dreams and never forget your passion.