The corona virus, became famous as Covid-19 and has put almost the entire world on the knees.
Worldwide business in various sectors has almost come to a standstill.
Since I am from the hospitality industry, I shall talk about the same only. This is the saddest period in the history of hospitality and can say that it’s worst than the war situation if I compare it with the history that I have studied.
As of now there is no control over the state of affairs around. The world is in search of the tactics to survive this pandemic and struggling to beat it in various possible ways, but nothing is working.

From one side, it seems totally unbelievable that we have not found the way out of this as yet, even after living in the era of advanced technology, Almost everything can be executed with robots and different AI technologies or even our phone based assistances like alexa or siri.

Best of the best scientists are involved in finding solutions, but unfortunately we are still struggling.
People are in a panic mode, posting various messages on social media. Among them, some are trying to motivate and help others to stay calm but at the same time many of them are just adding on to the panic.
What can the Hospitality industry do in such a situation, where bookings have got cancelled, the rooms are empty and the staff has nothing to do?
And unfortunately the operational costs remain the same.

We are the people from hospitality industry who always work to bring a smile on the faces of our guests, no matter what’s going around. Once customers enter our premises, they are our guests and to be precise they become God for us.

Atithi Devo Bhawa !!!

But we still have to shut down to make sure that the people stay safe. The business will begin, once the situation improvises.

In these panicky situations, some tips are mentioned below for the Hoteliers which may help them economically and mentally as well:

  1. Instead of getting panicked, work on your Revenue management.
  2. Come up with the ideas where you can cut down your operational costs.
  3. Limit yourself from the news media.
  4. It has become clear that we all are united in this fight against the Covid-19 pandemic .But we never know who the victim is. So let’s be safe out there and take the necessary precautions.
  5. Be aware of situations nearby and increase the isolation level accordingly.
  6. If you are given leave for work, it does not mean that it’s a start of holidays; do not run to your native place as traveling is completely unsafe in these situations. The place where you stay is the safest place. Do not let any outsider enter your residence.
  7. Make a plan of how you are going to handle the situation once it is controlled.
  8. Cut all extra costs and spend only on your basic needs.
  9. If you are a startup, it would be to better shut down for some time until you get some clarification and guidelines in this regard.
  10. Make sure that your people (employees, family members and surroundings) are safe and at the same time, do not visit others as its quarantine and not a festival.
  11. Ignore parties and any kinds of gatherings.
  12. Go through your insurance policies.
  13. List out the pending jobs and complete them.
  14. Be responsible, remain safe and keep others safe.
  15. Don’t lose hope, but take care of your mental health and let’s care for each other.