“Help independent hoteliers scale their business, boost profits, boost ratings & build a better performing team”

Hospitality Management Consultant | Bestselling Author of the Book – “Cheque in with Every Check-In” | Mindspace Certified Business Coach, London | Editor-in-Chief – www.ChampionsofHospitality.com|

He supports and mentors people involved in the hospitality industry so they create better brand value, increase profits and live a life of joy and happiness.

He has developed a “Hotel Success Formula” that guarantees high ROI, staff retention as well as influential brand creation.

He aims to engineer excellence in the hospitality industry by creating success stories of restaurant and hotel owners who have created timeless experiences for their customers.

Prashant has interviewed over 700 hoteliers, coached and consulted with more than 75 clients and helped them create strategies and systems that boost revenue while creating a world-class experience for the end customer. He helps his clients set up a system for lead generation, facility management, R&D, team building and other essential functions necessary for running a successful F&B establishment.

His specialty lies in minimizing the owner’s dependency and direct involvement in the running of the business.

Prashant has launched this  platform “Champions of Hospitality” to recognises and share the experiences of the finest players in the industry. Through this platform, he also shares a ton of free and valuable content that helps newbie hoteliers overcome the challenges they face.



Our vision is to recognize the finest players in the Hospitality Industry, share their practical experiences, reveal the secrets of their success and journey in their world, and, consequently, inspire the world and help everyone grow.

Our consultant, Mr. Prashant Kumar, aims to educate those who desire to start businesses in the hospitality sector and pursue careers in it. His vision also includes sharing the experiences of The Champions Of Hospitality to create awareness.

As per his studies and analysis of many youngsters, on the one hand, there are many people who are unemployed and, on the other hand, there are plenty of job opportunities offered by hoteliers. The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors where there will always be a requirement for people who can provide nonstop service to guests. Additionally, this is also one sector where you can’t implement automation. Nowadays, in this world of wild rush, more and more people prefer to go on tours, want to stay away from their regular hectic routines, and relax in the hotels.

Mr Prashant strongly feels that there exists a big gap and something is missing. He is, therefore, on a mission to bridge the gap and establish a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario. By filling in this gap, he believes that hoteliers will be able to train and educate staff, which would lead to improved customer service and more job opportunities.

In order to tirelessly serve society in countless ways, he is also affiliated with a number of different organizations.


Champions of Hospitality is an education platform that recognizes the finest players in the hospitality industry. It connects the industry stalwarts with aspirants getting in by bridging the divide between the industry needs and the talent pool. It drives excellence in the hospitality sector through the sharing of industry secrets, experiences, and reveals insider insights. The mission is to create Win-Win strategies for clients, industry professionals, and clients. It aims to foster well-being and promote holistic solutions to maintain a work-life balance.