Purchase Managers can live stress free lives by following these simple, proven techniques.   

#3 Stay Mentally and Physically Fit

(Part 3 of a series of 3 on the role and importance of the purchase department)

A well-balanced mind keeps one calm and engaged with not only one’s career, but also life in general. The following four focus areas influences the way we live and keeping them in balance is necessary to lead a happy life. These include:

#1 Physical

# 2 Mental

# 3 Creating a plan

#4 Surroundings

Physical and Mental

The keys to keep your mental and physical beings fit and in sound shape is to analyse our consumption patterns and the use we have for it in our lives.

(Consumption and uses requires more explanation-given below)

Consumption implies what we consume, when and how much. For instance, to check our food consumption, you’ll have to check the time we eat and the quantity of food we eat. If you take mental health, keep a check on your thoughts, the information you process and how often we practise meditation.

But how do we bring these two into an equilibrium?

Make yourself a priority. Take care of yourself first and introduce the following in your regular schedule:

1. Meditation

2. Pay attention to the kind of information you consume on a regular basis.

3. Add physical activities like yoga or jogging to keep your body fit.

4. Focus on a nutritious, healthy diet.



Planning helps you streamline your schedule so that you don’t waste time stressing over forgotten tasks. Your mind is free when you put these tasks on your planner. Make it a ritual to list tasks for the day in the morning or before your leave the previous day. Sudden tasks can be added based on the urgency.

Take stock of the tasks completed at the end of the day. This rewarding exercise will leave you satisfied and at peace.

Create a ritual:   

1. Before you return from the office write down the tasks for the next day in your planner.
2. As soon as you come in to work the next day, begin with the planner. If required, you can adjust your planning but follow the schedule.

In my next blog I’ll talk about planning as a powerful tool to optimise your day as a business owner or working professional.


According to my coaches, our behaviour is the mix of the six closet people around us. We mirror their actions and behaviours in our own. I too agree with this.

Hence it is imperative that we are aware of who these six people are since they exert a significant influence over our behaviour patterns.

Ensure that you are surrounded by positive people. Start listing these six and I’ll share an exercise you can use in the following blog.

These few steps will help ease the stress and help you make better informed decisions during crisis situations.

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