5 Simple and Proven Marketing Strategies to Attract New Clients to the Spa

5 Simple and Proven Marketing Strategies to Attract New Clients to the Spa

(This is part 3 in a series of 5 about how spas can multiply profitability)


Your strategies for marketing the spa within the hotel is reaping benefits. You can widen this net by extending services and offers to those living around the vicinity. This can boost revenue for not only the spa but other allied services like F n B as well.

  1. Awareness:Create awareness about the spa through attractive advertising that will draw clients. Distribution of appealing leaflets around the vicinity will deliver your key messaging to their doorstep.

As discussed in the previous blog…( 3 Simple and Proven Strategies to Promote your Spa to Multiply Profits )

the content should highlight the special low cost or free services. Include the important contact numbers in call to action.

In addition, during the call avoid offering any other service unless asked by the customer. Signing of JV (Joint Venture) is a powerful technique and we’ll discuss this at length in a subsequent blog.

  1. Testing: Invite them to try the package at your spa. Ensure that the guest is offered the low cost service package.
  2. Reaping the fruits:Once the clients walk in to try the service, train the therapists to sell other packages in due conversation during a therapy. You can read more about this is….. (link to second blog)

4 Maintain Long-term Relationships: With the first contact cemented, note their contact details for future use. Offer discount coupons as a thank you for the information. The fee should be kept minimal like 5 US$. A survey has shown that clients are apprehensive to pay an exorbitant membership amount.

5 Promoting Referrals: Offer a guest card along with the primary membership. But with limited benefits. You’ll get additional clients at no cost.

You could also set up a referral program for clients with extra benefits like discounts on bringing in another client. Keep the referral template simple to understand and use direct cash equivalents rather than points. As per my survey people understand cash easily. Avoid formal agreements as it may scare them off.

Track the cash worth limit of the member and offer the clients the benefit once this limit is reached. Customers referred by them must avail some discounts. You’ll be able to convert them into members.

Next we’ll discuss strategies on how the spa can boost revenue of the food & beverage outlets or vice versa.


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Prashant Kumar