Mr Kaviraj Khialani (Chef) From An 11 Months Old Baby Model To A Celebrity Chef

A narrative of a prosperous talented chef, who recounts his childhood serendipity of projecting himself on a healthy baby tonic poster, that would feature in nursing homes across the world and his transformation set forth an incredible history in the f&b industry.

The renowned chef recalls his childhood days when his parents labeled him as a healthy baby, where he would love to have diversified flavorsome food felicitously on the table from a very young age. Chef Kaviraj’s endeavors for more than 21 plus years now, can be
deemed as attributes of his capabilities, complacency, and compassion towards his passionate journey to perfection. As a grown-up lad, finding his mom cooking his favourite delicacies instantly brightened his mood. Simply watching his mother chop and slice an onion like a boss not only amused him but also, the elated his taste for the dish being prepared. Retrieving graciously his memoirs, he shares this love for cooking which originated amidst a family of ourmands at the young age of 7. Believe it or not, the celebrity chef started his journey in the kitchen by simple tryouts of chopping and slicing veggies.

His humble experiments at the age of 14 began with homemade Sindhi, Chinese, Italian cuisines with a few soups and salads. His escalating interest bolstered his family members in stimulating him to take up a career as a culinarian. Unlike others his age, his summer vacation would include courses in vegetable carving, baking, confectionery classes, and chocolate making. Further advancement in higher studies, along with a hotel management certification course in India and overseas boosted his obsession to become a culinarian.