Mr Mogul Sanzeev Bhatia General Manager – From Hapur To The Metropolitan

The Inspiring Journey of a Hospitality Industry Mogul

Here is the exclusive story of industry expert Mr Sanzeev Bhatia and his respectable journey of 38 years.

Humble beginnings from Hapur

The current vice president and general manager of the luxurious Metropolitan Hotel & Spa gave us a personal account of his inspiring journey in the hospitality industry.

Mr Bhatia completed his graduation in science and math and received his BSc degree from the Meerut University. What might come off as surprising is the fact that the vice president never had any prior plans of venturing into the competitive hospitality industry.

He comes from a family where everyone either went into the police services or in the sports field. He even represented his university in the sport of cricket. Mr Sanzeev Bhatia was indeed the very first person from his family to break the cycle and go into a field that seemed alien to everyone in his world, especially when you take into consideration the fact that the hotel industry was very new then. It is to note that Mr Bhatia’s father was a pillar of support for him and always reassured him that he would stand by the now much-experienced veteran in whatever career he chose for himself.

It all started when Mr. Bhatia met a friend’s brother-in-law and went to Delhi where the latter was working at the Akbar Hotel. It was during this trip that the hospitality industry seemed to catch Mr Bhatia’s eye.

His friend’s brother-in-law then went on to explain to Mr Sanzeev all he could about the hotel industry and all the pre-requisites that were needed to venture into this industry. It was all brand-new information to him. Overnight Mr. Bhatia’s visions changed and he started working towards his new goal after facing many objections from his mentors who were surprised with the sudden change in his ambitions because Sanzeev had been a topper in mathematics and they had envisioned a completely different career path for him. It was only because there was very little knowledge available about the hotel industry at the time.

Venturing into the Hotel Industry

After studying hotel management, the difficulties had just started lining up for the now mogul. Mr Bhatia, who belongs to a pure-vegetarian family had to deal with the fact that he posted at butchery during his initial stint as a trainee. He had to skip his dinners on the days he worked for butchery. However, the professional deems such challenges as a completely normal part of the process. He started his journey from the Claridges Hotel which was one of the most scenic properties in the city at the time. When he got promoted as the Lobby Manager at Claridge’s, he decided to shift to another hotel where he helped in the opening of a bar and two restaurants – one of them being a completely vegetarian restaurant which quickly become a crowd favorite in Delhi.

He then started working at the Front Office of the Park Inn by Radisson in New Delhi. However, the sales aspect of the hotel industry caught his eye and he decided to travel vast expanses of the country ranging from Mumbai to the remotest areas of Gujarat to the Silicon Valley of India – Bengaluru to Kerala, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Mr Bhatia deems himself as a person with a deep interest in sales.