3 Simple and Proven Strategies to Promote your Spa to Multiply Profits

3 Simple and Proven Strategies to Promote your Spa to Multiply Profits

(This is part 2 in a series of 5 about how spas can multiply profitability)


Spas have become an integral part of revenue generation for a hotel. Research, as seen in the previous article, ‘How Spas can help hotels Multiply Profitability’ has proven the correlation between both. With clients looking for holistic holidays, a spa certainly enhances guest experiences.

There are a few, simple, proven, cost effective steps that ensure the spa runs successfully. These are described as follows:


# 1 Awareness & Attractions 

Firstly, widen publicity about the spa amongst in-house guests and people living around the vicinity. Display video panels in common areas like in lobbies, lifts and dining areas showcasing the facilities and treatments.

This constant exposure will reinforce the presence of the spa in the minds of the customer. Add subtitles with price and the duration. Contact numbers must be scrolled in slow motion below.

Place the spa menu detailing services and descriptions of the therapies in guest rooms. Entice them with the benefits of a spa treatment to hook them to book a service. You can also place this at the lobby or pool areas.


# 2 Testing 

Invite guests for sample tests.  This test can be based on:

Firstly, since guests are at leisure, time isn’t a constraint. They are looking for ways to spend quality time on holiday. What better way than pampering yourself?

Secondly, create two packages, either free or low cost. Opt for unisex services like manicure, face massage, foot massage that are also low on investment as well.

Thirdly, if guests are hesitant to visit the spa, develop other areas where they may be comfortable. For instance, the services can be availed at their room.


# 3. Let’s make some profits

Once they book, note their room number. Check their stay package and modify a customized plan based on this so that you can talk to them about the special spa deal. Inform the therapist so that they are prepared.

When the guest comes in to avail of their treatment, ensure they are receiving the low cost or no cost service package. The therapists must be trained in sales as during any session, they can slip a mention of the packages based on the mood of client.

In case the masseuse isn’t able to broach the subject, the (CRE) customer relationship executive of the spa can while taking feedback.

If both are unable to close the deal, offer discount vouchers at the billing counter. This will tempt the customer to come the next day.

The key is to train your therapists in the art of subtle selling. Studies show that 70-80% packages are sold by the masseuse at the massage table as compared to 10% by the CRE and 10-20% at the counter.


In the next blog, learn how to target clientele living around the hotel and how to build a long term relationship so that you can convert them into clients for your F and B.

Prashant Kumar