Dattaraj Naik, Purchase Manager at Goa Marriott’s

Mr.Dattaraj Naik, the Purchase Manager at Goa Marriott’s, is a very industrious, sociable and ambitious person who has a wide experience in the hospitality industry for the past 19 years.

Q1. How do you keep yourself updated with the latest launches?

Well, in Marriott’s we have a good communication system. We have a group of Purchase Managers of Marriott at the National level and we share the latest updates and developments on the group. We share information about the new launches, the suppliers, products, their benefits etc. Again at the state level i.e. in Goa base we have another group within our four hotels where we communicate about latest market updates, supplies, shortages if any, etc. Basically we maintain a database. To keep ourselves updated.

Q2. What are the main criteria that you look for while shortlisting the vendors?

We evaluate the vendors not only on the prospects but we first consider our requirements, explain our needs and we get the information. If it is related to food or kitchen items, we do sampling; verify the product, the after sales service and all such related issues. Service is the main criteria. Products are bought once but after service is the main factor. So essentially we scrutinise their background, their supplies, the rates, the quality, after sales service and so on for shortlisting the vendors.

Q3. What are your key failures in this career and what are the lessons you learnt from the experience?

I have a bitter experience of selecting some of the vendors on the recommendation of others. We selected some vendors on others recommendation of others without trial or verification due to which we had bad experience. We had bad experience in a deal due to delayed supplies, poor quality bad after sales service. So I learnt from this experience that though we take others recommendation, we must scrutinise every detail, test and try before finalising any vendors.What is the most challenging part of your job?

Q4. What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part of my job is handling emergencies. Nowadays all hotels maintain minimum inventory due to investments, cash flow, etc. Sometimes we get last minute notice about some functions and so we have to run about, arrange for the necessary supplies in the restricted time and successfully organise the functions. Meeting such emergencies is a big challenge. We get real satisfaction when we accept, face and meet the challenges and do things differently.

Q5. What do you love being in this profession?

I love to meet new people, to know about the latest developments and keep myself updated. I welcome new ideas, products, and latest technology and equipment’s available in the market.

Q6. What are the basic needs of the employees that you think should be taken care of by the management?

I believe that every employee or associate strives hard for his employer. They put in maximum efforts and in return the employer also should give back. In the hotel line especially we devote maximum time towards our duty. So employees should be provided with sufficient quality time with their families. No doubt Pay package is essential but devoting time for family is more important.

Q7. As a purchase manager, how do you contribute in making your guests happy?

Guest experience is the most valuable factor in the hospitality industry. Guest satisfaction is our priority. Sometimes, we must go out of our way to fulfil the requirements of the guests. At times, when guests arrive at odd times or emergencies it is important to make them comfortable, relaxed and then complete the formalities. So first comes guest satisfaction.

Q8. How do you contribute in raising the revenue for the hotel?

In F& B revenue there are various items that are required, some of which are fast moving .So we have to shortlist the fast moving brands, quality equipment’s and other requisites. In addition to this there are many items in the spa which have a scope to increase the revenue. We have to look out for the availability of new equipment, new therapies and other requirements. So based on the guests requirements we have to procure various items in every department without compromising on quality but keeping in mind the budget.

Q9. What inspires you to get the best deal for your company?

Well it is the job of the Purchase Manager to procure right products and good quality products at reasonable prices which save the costs. As an expert we have to judge the product, its quality, its availability, the price etc. and then procure the required products only.

Q10. How do you maintain and retain your vendors while facing financial challenges at the end of the hotel?

Actually we did not face any financial crisis so far.The only challenge we faced was during the system up gradation process for about a month. We had to assure our vendors about the change in the mode of payments from manual system to direct payment through NEFT in which we were successful. We had to convince them that there is no negligence, assure them that delay in payment if any is only due to system up gradation and not financial crisis. And as we have worked together, we have built long standing relations with the vendors.

Q11. What purchase system do you prefer? Central purchase or local purchase system?

We prefer a central purchase system. The central purchasing Team at the Area office has experts, who analyse every aspect of the products and equipment’s, they have updated information of the same and are in a better position to procure the various requirements of Operations. Central purchasing involves bulk purchasing with favourable purchasing terms, which means better prices, greater discounts, fever overheads and more savings and compliance with all legal requirements.