Gaurabh Quenim, Director at GNQ Hospitality

Mr. Gaurabh Quenim was brought up amidst the hotel business and therefore has always been inclined towards the Hospitality Industry. At 26, he holds a Degree in International Hospitality Management from Lavasa and has been a part of the pre-opening teams of several hotels and restaurants like Jakson Inns Phalton, W Goa and Soi. He has also successfully handled operations of hotels, restaurants and catering units across India. With a dream to meaningfully impact the Hospitality Industry with revolutionary trends in India, today he has successfully made a mark in the competitive world of hospitality through his venture GNQ Hospitality Consultants. It is a new age firm that offers a complete range of hands-on hospitality management services. The firm has grown over time providing end to end consultancy services to notable clientele within the industry.

Apart from his devotion towards hospitality, Mr. Gaurabh also has a great passion for art through which he expresses his emotional and spiritual evolvement. He has won many Goa State awards for painting and often explores his artistic and creative spirit, reflected in the firm’s design. He modestly mentions that it is just the beginning and understands that he still has a long way to go in his career, but hopes that his passion and hardwork steer the way.

As a consultant, he strongly feels that the services one provides to their customers needs to be customised to suit them, right from check in until their departure. In his opinion, technological advancement can help in customising the services to fit every guest. Easy procedures, convenience,comfort and recognition also help in creating an unbelievable experience for guests.

In his opinion the curriculum of hotel management in general should focus equally if not more on the management aspects of a hotel like finance and marketing, rather than just on F & B, Housekeeping or Front Office.

According to Mr. Gaurabh one should never market their products based on price. Marketing strategies basically depend on the type of hotel, products and facilities offered. He recommends online marketing in addition to the customary offline marketing strategies.

His new venture, ‘The Awadh House’ is located in the heart of the city of Panaji, Goa. It’s an old-world charm in the new contemporary vibrant era. Skilful cooking that awakens the palette, coupled with gracious hospitality and thoughtful presentation would define a typical experience at the restaurant. The architecture of the existing structure of the Art Deco building inspired the interiors is an ode to art with a symphony of Indo-Persian elements. The Awadhi cuisine of the restaurant is an indigenous part of the city of Nawabs, Lucknow and is globally recognised for its refined taste.

Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by modest service and personalisation. With regards to the restaurant, customers should be served scrumptious food in a clean ambience with personalised service. In hotels there are many opportunities to serve the guests in a better manner.

Goa is the most preferred destination but unfortunately it is losing its importance. There are various reasons like soaring prices of air fares, transportation, inappropriate planning and lack of awareness. Mr. Gaurabh states that there is a dire need for the authorities to look into these issues,make appropriate changes and formulate the unorganised sector. Checks on the prices, focusing on nature tourism, exploring and promoting the untouched places in Goa, making use of the backwaters and the likes will go a long way to make Goa the most preferred tourist destination.