Mr. Edger Cotta and Mr. Edwin Cotta, Directors of Mac Hotels Ltd.

We have with us Mr. Edger Cotta and Mr. Edwin Cotta, Directors of Mac Hotels Ltd. They started off their career in the hospitality industry at the young age of 22 years and have a wide experience of 28 years in the hotel industry. Today they are successfully managing a chain of hotels in Goa. They are also the Franchisee owners of Chocolate Room. Read on to explore their success story.

  1. What is the key secret of your success?

I believe that success for every business is hard work and consistency. If you work hard and put in consistent efforts, results will follow, whatever be the situation.

  1. If the authority leaves up to you what changes or additions, would to like to incorporate in the course of IHM?

Goa is the hub for tourism industry and there is huge requirement for staff, especially at the lower level. In Goa we observe that there is unemployment problem one hand and on the other we see that the workforce is not qualified enough. So there is a dire need to bridge this gap. Therefore, more thrust should be on short term courses, giving exposure to on the job training. I feel more emphasis should be given by IHM, to the practical aspect than on theory.

  1. What would you recommend to the readers and youngsters wishing to get into this hospitality profession?

Hospitality industry is a serious business. If you want to survive in this industry, you have to be sincere, hardworking and dedicated. So basically sincerity and dedication are very much essential for anyone joining the hospitality profession. You have to hide all your pains, distresses as hospitality should be smiles, trust, courteous, gracious and caring.    

  1. In your opinion, what do guests like the most during their stay?

The most important thing is the hospitality. People want attention, to be pampered, to relax and feel comfortable and safe. Generally all the guests wish and expect the best services to be provided. Clientele will flock to your property if you offer the best of services and care for them and make them feel pampered. As of today, people have their luxuries at their homes, they come to get pampered and feel important.

  1. What do you expect from the employees behind the /into the hospitality trade?

AS mentioned earlier, honesty and sincerity are the requisites of the hospitality trade. Those joining this field should be ready for the grind of the industry. 


  1. What is the reason for not maintaining your property by yourself?

We are managing and maintaining our properties, but OYO is our marketing partner. So basically, we manage and we have tied hands with many other marketing channels. Of late, we have also developed off line marketing through agents and brokers across the country. There is a need for offline marketing, as there are many places, still in India where, there is lack of digital network, connectivity and awareness.

  1. What impresses the guests the most?

In my opinion, friendly nature of the staff and employees impresses the guests. Ultimately the employees are the face of the organisation. Good service, and cordial relations, will bring the guests back.

  1. What would you advise to the new hoteliers?

Well, if the persons venturing into hotel business, think it is an easy job, then they are mistaken. It is a very hard grind that you have to go through. You are like a doctor on call as it is a 24-hour job and you have to be on your toes. One would realise the depth when he/she enters this hotel line, which is the best way to learn. Actually getting into the hotel line will reveal the pros and cons, the difficulties, risks and of course the rewards of the trade.

  1. What according to you, inspires or motivates the staff to perform better?

Recognition, appreciation and appraisal at various levels inspires the staff to perform better. It may be in the form of rewards, awards, incentives, prizes and recognition.

  1. What are the key areas to be focused by the authorities to make Goa the preferred tourist destination?

I feel, the first thing the authorities should focus on is, proper planning and its speedy implementation. Necessary steps have to be taken and strictly implemented especially the cleanliness drive and security specially on the beaches. We have unlimited resources and possessions like beaches, forests, temples, churches, culture, fun & frolic, which needs to be preserved and presented to the guests, appropriately. As Goa is a land of sun & sand, we have a greater potential to harness solar energy. The government must definitely work in this direction to save on electricity costs by quick implementation and providing subsidies. Proper focus, appropriate planning, co-ordination, speedy work and avoiding wasteful expenditure should be done by the concerned authorities to make Goa a preferred tourist destination.

  1. What else do you wish to do to enhance the guest experience?

I think there is no substitute for the comfort level and making the guest feel like a king. If you can do this, then there is nothing else that the guest wants. .i.e. make the guest feel important, comfortable, relaxed, assured, considered and respected. We have to build all this in our culture. The people of Goa, having the Portuguese influence are naturally hospitable. So that has welcomed many guests and that is the way it should be.