Vinod Jain , CEO – GNQ Hospitality Hotel Consultant

Vinod Jain, aged 64 is a doyen in the hospitality industry is armed with almost four decades of diverse management expertise in hospitality. He has helped many hoteliers to achieve great heights of success in the hospitality business. He started his career with the Oberoi Hotels as a Front Office trainee and went ahead as an Executive housekeeper, then and today he is the veteran in the hospitality field. He has served at senior positions including General Manager-Projects and pre-opening in his career at Jakson Hospitality, Phaltan and the like. His expertise is pre-opening and total hospitality management. He is presently associated with Mr. Gaurabh Quenin, and together they are doing a tremendous job in Goa.

At GNQ Hospitality, the team which consists of experts is committed to consistently provide the best possible results for hoteliers through a range of services like pre-opening, hotel set ups, running of the hotels, restoration of underperforming properties, laundry set-ups, housekeeping and property maintenance and more. Mr.Jain disclosed that they offer advise even at such a micro level that profitability is guaranteed.

With a huge experience to his credit in the hospitality industry and as a consultant he strongly emphasises that, “CONNECTIVITY” with the guests is the most significant and essential factor to enhance the guests experience. The staff, at every position may it be the front office or the general manager should connect to the guests. Sometimes there may be glitches in doing so, but can be handled with proper staff training. He also feels that communication and feedback is equally essential to create an amazing experience for the customers. He considers that a guest requires clean beds, fresh air and good food, the most during his stay. As an expert Mr. Jain recommends in-house marketing strategies to the hoteliers to boost their business and retain the customers.

As per the IHM curriculum the students take up on the job training in various departments of the hotel but at the end they do not even get the basics, which is very sad. In his opinion IHM and other hotel management institutions, which are doing a good job, should make a demand for accountability from the organisations where the students are put for on the job training.

According to Mr.Jain’s observation, the transportation facilities in Goa are not guest friendly and there is tendency of the hoteliers to increase the tariffs beyond expectations. The rates are exorbitant and the facilities are inadequate. So in his opinion the authorities should design a mechanism to control and keep a check on the tariffs and the transportation costs to make Goa the most preferred tourist destination.

It is a myth that only IHM graduates and diploma holders are entitled for jobs in this fast growing industry of hospitality. He reveals from his vast know how that even the youngsters who possess good training with theoretical and practical exposure can grab the job opportunities offered in the hospitality industry. They can work and simultaneously take up correspondence courses to complete their education.

Many entrepreneurs running multiple properties often believe that they are experts and do not require consultancy services. But the truth is such hoteliers miss on the finer details. They may sometimes face teething problems or may not be aware of preventive measures or may not be able to identify the opportunities or may not utilize the resources optimally and similar issues. Mr. Jain righty states that consultants are necessitated to look into such issues, identify the strengths, take advantage of the opportunities that may arise and offer effective and easy to implement solutions.

“Every problem has a solution. You just have to be creative enough to find it.”