Mr. Shah, prominently called as Dr.Fish, the proprietor of the most renowned sea food restaurant – Spice Goa. Mr. and Mrs. Shah, well known in the culinary circles far and wide across India. The restaurant offers a wide range of favourite sea foods to their patrons to uplift their moods and none of them want to leave without a desire to come back to cherish the lip smacking delicacies. He has an experience of over 20 years in the hotel industry. Further, his better half lends a helping hand in the crucial activities of running the business. He puts his heart and soul in order to concentrate totally on giving the best with a motto of utmost quality and complete customer satisfaction. This being the major reason for not expanding the business in haste, but definitely has a vision going forward for expansion in the near future.

The key secret to his success is Honesty and Quality. He is firm on what they serve and utilises the finest ingredients to provide the best to their customers. Procurement is very strict and he personally selects the best of all the requisites from the market. He believes that whatever be the situation, once quality and safety is taken care of, success will automatically come to you.
Mr. and Mrs. Shah are both home cooks, who go into the finer details and try their level best, to deliver the true authentic taste of Goan cuisine. According to Mr.Shah’s analysis,the availability of a wide variety of fish, at any given point of time, largely impresses their customers. So all in all, the customers vouch for their, simplicity, presentation, authenticity of the Goan Cuisine and freshness of the fish served.

Customer satisfaction provides the entrepreneurs with the metric to manage and improve the business. So the Shah family really connects to the customers with a one to one communication and looks forward for their feedback and valuable suggestions. Such practices definitely create a good opinion and aid to retain the customer base.

Actually Mr.Shah does not focus much on marketing. He asserts that as their clientele base is very high, publicity is generally, through the word of mouth publicity. But with the advent of social media, they promote /publicize through Facebook, Instagram, etc. Honestly, he says, they do not do anything differently, but is the intent and the passion with which they function as a whole.
As regards, employee motivation and performance is concerned, Mr.Shah, believes that every employer should treat staff as their own family. The staff should be endowed with healthy rise in the salaries, incentives, perks, staff picnics and other like motivation boosters.

Mr.Atul believes that the chef is the heart of any F &B business and contributes to almost 70% of the hotel revenue. He feels that the bar tenders contribution is upto 15% for restaurants but is definitely higher in case of Pubs, discos and bars.

He claims that though Goa has a lot of potential for tourism, the concerned authorities should focus, create and promote the tourists spots in north Goa, and not just the capital city and surrounding areas. Proper infrastructure, cleanliness, safety and promotion should be priority of the concerned authorities to make Goa the best tourist destination.

Mr.Shah advices the upcoming restaurant owners, who expect fast money, to carry on the business with utmost honesty, contemplate the long term gains and behold the customer as a brand ambassador. Essentially, their satisfaction with your brand, your product, your service and more, will make or break you.