Rony Rodrigues, Purchase Manager at Taj Vivanta

Q1. How do you keep yourself updated with the latest launches ?

here are three ways I keep myself updated.
Firstly, I check the latest launches on the net for any new items that are coming up.
Secondly, I get an idea of the latest and upcoming products through people who send me the brochures of their products through mails.
And lastly, I visit exhibitions to get a first look of any new product.

Q2. What are the main criteria that you look for while shortlisting the vendors?

Well, in case of a regional contract in Goa which comes under us in Goa we check the delivery process of the vendor, whether the vendor is capable of delivering the item. Then we see the quality and their rates as well.
Basically we check the QRD, that is, QUALITY – RATE – DELIVERY

It was a new concept to come across. QRD is a standard almost all hoteliers work on either intentionally or unintentionally, while finalising their vendors.


Q3. What was your key failure in this career and what are the lessons you learnt from this experience?

There was a point in my life where I was trying to shift overseas. It was in the year 1992. I went abroad but it did not turn out to be the way I was looking for it to be. I realised that the pay scale that they were offering me was equivalent to what I could have earned in Goa. With the cost of living being high abroad, I did not believe that it would be a feasible option.
At that time I was working at the Leela Palace. I had tried my prospects in Dubai but realised that it was just too expensive. So I came back to Goa and succeeded here.
While I was here in Taj many opportunities came my way. Hyatt was very interested in having me with them. I even interviewed for a job with them and got the offer letter for it but Taj would just not let go of me.
That, I believe, is the best thing about the Tata Group, the fact that they will not let go of their good staff. They will do everything in their power to retain them.
(There was a sense of joy and happiness that was reflected from Mr. Rony while he was reminiscing of this incident)
My family too was not supportive towards my decision to leave Taj. According to them TAJ is TAJ. They not only look after the employee but also their family and have a lot of facilities for their employees. That is exactly why I treat this place as my second home. We spend more of our time here than at home with our families.

I have always been dedicated towards my work. I do not take a leave unless I have some work. Especially at Taj Exotica, I never used to get a chance to take leaves.

Q4. What is the most challenging part of your job?

In my opinion, the most challenging part in this place would be the fish supplies which have been affected due to the ban. However our suppliers are helping us.
Other than this there is nothing else that is challenging about my job. I am happily managing it all. Even with respect to any material we have Grand Empire that supplies our requirements.

Q5. What is your desire being in this profession?

I wish to be Regional Purchase Manager one day

Q6. What are the basic needs of any employees that you believe should be taken care by your management?

I believe management should give us time for out family. But that is already available here. We also get 10 days we get EHP. EHP is privilege to stay at any property owned by Taj, either within or outside India for a total number of 10 days.

Q7. How do you contribute in making your guests happy?

I am aware that there is a possibility of guests requesting something suddenly and I make sure that I do not say no.
For example, if the chef approaches me and asks me to get a Jackfruit for a customer, when it is not the season for Jackfruits or a customer requires some cosmetics that are available with us, either in the rooms or in our shops then we will get it for them.

Q8. How do you contribute in raising the revenue for your hotel?

We make a good saving in our regional committee through our regional purchases. For our hotel the bar was -3.2% that we got. We got a good saving on the supply of vegetables, fish, provisions etc. we were all minus this time and we had earned good revenue for the hotel. This is due to negotiation. We have done a 4 time negotiation this time. I hope that even this year we get a good revenue for the Hotel.
It is a one year contract that is signed. Some vendors are from Belgaum as it is the main hub for vegetables and we managed to get a vendor who gives us a good rate.
So we place a bulk order for all the four hotels which keeps us well supplied.
Some vendors for all the four hotels are the same and some are different.

Q9. What inspires you to get the best deals for your company?

Being a Purchase Manager my conscious drives to get the best benefits for the company in terms of monetary savings. I negotiate to get the best deal so that the company can get the best as that is my duty as a Purchase Manager.

Q10. How do you maintain and retain your vendors while facing financial challenges at the end of the Hotel?

We pay our vendors regularly at the end of the month, so there is no problem at that end. We have a vendor meet every year wherein all vendors come together. This helps in improving and enhancing our vendor relationship.

Q11.What system do you prefer: Central Purchases System or Local Authority System?

Central Purchases System is required because some vendors are based outside Goa. But at the same time Regional is also required. So the material that is required from outside Goa is done through Central Purchases and in case anything is required within Goa then we get it through Regional system. However if the material is available in Goa as well as outside Goa, I prefer purchasing it from Goa itself due to the timeline and convenience but we check the rates before deciding anything considering transport etc. We compare the rate. Without comparing we do not go ahead.