Krishna Naik, Purchase Manager at Planet Hollywood

Mr. Krishna enjoys meeting with people, talking to the vendors and other purchase managers. He believes it to be a sort of socialising, which he is fond of doing.

As a Purchase Manager, he says tender finalisation is the most challenging job as he needs to call the vendors and negotiate with them for the best price. This is a very long and tedious process and he has to complete it before the end of March to initiate it from the 1st of April. Tenders are released in the month of February. Reducing the cost for the hotel also depends all on the negotiations done by his department

He keeps himself updated with the latest launches by reading newspapers and catalogues. There are some vendors who also update him regarding anything new that comes up but the main source is internet.

While shortlisting the vendors for the company he concentrates firstly on quality and secondly on cost. He is grateful and thankful that he has no failures in his career.

He believes that the efforts taken and put in by the employees or any work that is done by them should be appreciated. Appreciation is a must.

Mr. Krishna makes sure that nothing falls short from his end and that he has done his part to make the guest happy by giving them everything that they need. If a guest demands something they have to get it. They are informed in advance about any special requirement and by the end of the day they make sure that they get it to ensure that the guest is happy and satisfied.