Sachin Pai Bir Owner of Copperleaf Restaurant

Mr.Sachin Pai Bir a Masters in Engineering and Technology hailing from Goa, is a multi faceted personality .Formally , an Assistant Professor at Goa Engineering College is now  successfully running the famous restaurant,”Copperleaf”. He is associated with many leading multi cuisine restaurants. The engineering background gave him the edge in terms of mindset, problem solving and efficiently integrating automation wherever necessary to perform better and in a hassle free manner. Sachin’s mission of prioritizing customer contentment and ensuring great customer experience has facilitated Copperleaf to rapidly reach the height of success and emerge as one of Goa’s favourite restaurants.

He acclaims hard work, sincerity and persistence along with God’s blessings as the key to his success. He feels that when you become successful, one should not halt but keep marching ahead to enhance oneself.

As a matter of fact, every industry is surrounded with constraints. According to Mr. Sachin the biggest challenges in the hotel industry are scarcity of well trained staff and high customer expectations. Sometimes certain customers threaten to post on social media with baseless allegations. Continuous training to the well motivated staff helps to overcome such challenges. Appreciation and acknowledgement by the management and the guests along with training goes a long way to keep his staff motivated and take on the new challenges.

He believes in keeping themselves updated in the latest trends and processes by reading and visiting national exhibitions which gives a scope for improvement. His experience in the corporate IT sector has not only taught him to utilize internet and social media for advertisement but also helped with to execute his operations to simplify various tasks and develop novel means to enhance customer satisfaction.He deems that good food, great ambience, customer centric service, happy and memorable experiences go a long way to enhance customer satisfaction. Word of mouth publicity, the print and social media lend a hand for its publicity. But what influences the guests the most is word to word publicity.

Goa is not only the land of beaches or the city of churches; it’s a feeling that defines thrill in the most amazing way. But unfortunately today everything lies in shambles that is compounded by mismanagement and woeful lack of vision.  Cleanliness on the beaches, provision of ad hoc   facilities to meet the tourist’s requirements, development of proper infrastructure with a vision, focus and implementation of proper systems and not only on aesthetics- all these are the basics which the authorities need to spotlight on urgent basis. People at every level should change their mindset, focus on providing quality and not have the greed for money which will definitely help tourism to flourish.

Finally his advice to the new hoteliers is – start a venture with a proper vision which is clearly defined. Along with passion, one should have a definite motive and intention like giving something different, giving customers what they expect and ensuring great customer experience.

So Mr.Sachin marches ahead with the idea, “You are your own competition .Whatever good you have done yesterday, you have to do better today.”At Copperleaf, they strive to make dining experience even better and convenient for their esteemed customers.