Mr. Vikas Mayekar, Purchase Manager at The Park, Goa

Mr. Vikas has got the hospitality industry experience in the field of material management and procurement with leading hospitality brands. His main forte in hotel procurement management has been planning, budgeting, procurement, negotiations and competitive rate, execution and commissioning of the projects.

To keep self updating, he says he maintains daily records and daily issuing of the deliverables, regularly reordering the requirements in accordance with the chefs and the F&B manager. For new ideas, most of the vendors who visit them give the information of new upcoming products in the market. They get samples for their reference & handover to respective department & after feedback from department further purchase procedure is done.

The biggest challenge is the last minute informing about the events. In the hotel industry you need to be very prompt with your service as the clients can require any thing at any stance. The parties are also planned spontaneously for even 60 to 100 pax. Sometimes they have all the requisites, but at times they have to make the last minute arrangements which are the biggest challenges faced by the purchase team. They try to make normal purchases from their contracted vendor and mostly avoid doing cash purchase. At times, if vendor might not have similar items with him, then he discussed with finance controller & then cash purchase is to be done.

Since they are not the front face for client interaction, So indirectly they can contribute by taking care on the requirements of the chef which in turn helps to keep the clients happy. To pick the best deal for the company, the most inspiring aspect is to keep the guests happy and satisfied. So that they will visit again & again to your hotel and thus the revenue of the hotel also increases.

For the purchase system, the central purchase system is preferable over the local purchase system as that adds to the brand value of the hotel. On the other hand, the centralised purchase system has an additional cost of transportation which in turn in not included in the local purchase system. On the personal front, our purchase manager Mr. Vikas prefers the local purchase system.

Mr. Vikas loves to take challenges and thus he feels that this sector of procurement in the hotel industry is the best field for him. As a purchasing manager, his main challenge with the suppliers for negotiation at the time of contracts for required goods and keep accurate records of transactions trends and follow an effective vendor management system. On vendor relation his main focus on Good relation, payment terms, Image in market and timely delivery of the products are the factors which he keeps in consideration while choosing the vendors.