Vincent Ramos, Area Director of Taj Goa and GM of Taj Exotica Resort & Spa

“Food is at the heart of a good hotel service. Attention to detail and quality ingredients is what make good food”, says Mr.Vincent Ramos, who successfully juggles two portfolios- Area Director of Taj Goa and GM of Taj Exotica Resort & Spa. He believes that the secret to success is hard work and a positive attitude. But he also believes that his personal growth also is a result of the blessing of his parents and the Almighty.

An Alumnus of the Hotel Management College in Porvorim (Goa), which he considers to be one of the best Hotel Management colleges in the country, he went on to do his MBA from SP Jain Management College. Here, apart from learning management skills, he also studied the Bhagavad Gita. As a Catholic who appreciates the teaching of the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible, he is an example of a true secular Indian. He added to his educational portfolio by doing stints at IIM Ahmedabad and Nanyang University Singapore. He believes that “ education is a process that is constant, and never stops”.

He started his career with industry giants like the Leela Group and the Four Seasons. He then accepted Taj’s offer to be part of the F&B opening team at the Taj Exotica. After a successful stint here he was promoted as the GM of Taj Kumarakom, which was a loss making unit at the time and on the brink of being shut down. He turned this around to one of the highest profit generators of the Taj Group. His work has won the group many accolades including the Tripadvisor Best Hotel of the World award in 2016 for The Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur. He was then called back to his homeland, Goa, to handle IHCL properties here. He is proud of working with the IHCLand believes that IHCL is the Group that has put Indian hospitality on the world map.

He believes that IHM needs to reinvent its curriculum to be able to cater to the changing world.
As a nature enthusiast he believes that Indian Hotel Management should evolve itself to be more inclusive, and teach courses like horticulture and promoting locally available plants instead of importing is also a subject close to his heart. The IHCL group is taking steps to contribute to the education for underprivileged students who want to work in the hotel industry and has certificate courses which can be completed in one year. They get paid while they study. This is called the Golden Threshold Program.

His sharp wit has made him a keen observer of what can make guests prolong their stay. Local cultural experiences are priceless. For example taking them to the local villages and showing them the flora and fauna, visiting a local home, picking wild berries in the forests, coconut plucking in the hotel. His deep love for the country translates into many out of the box creative ideas, making the Indian experience even more memorable for his foreign guests.

Employee satisfaction is very important to him His staff has 99 percent employee satisfaction. “Money cannot buy employee satisfaction; it is the way the people are treated that keeps them loyal and happy” and to this end he ensures that his staff, apart from their salary, has good food, attire and shelter.

“India is many countries in one”, he says. We have a lot of unique natural experiences to offer to people travelling to India. The Western Ghats and natural waterways of Goa should be developed to create a high end experience, where the guests can enjoy the magic of nature. He is proud of the service culture that India as a country naturally has, and “Atithi Devo Bhava” “Guest is like God” is a phrase he deeply identifies with. “Services is in our DNA” according to him. He feels that Indian students should be proud of already possessing the natural qualities required in the service industry and says, “with our command over the English language, we possess a power house combination, compared to other Asian countries”.